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Oct 16, 2021 at 07:27 PM

GL account hierarchy for consolidation

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Dear SAP Experts,

A multinational enterprise has over 100,000 GL accounts in use worldwide and its consolidation team is planning to reduce the number of GL accounts in use drastically by asking subsidiaries to transfer GL to new GL accounts they specified. The proposed methodology will make subsidiary companies having to deal with legacy GL and new GL accounts in SAP all the time in the future when checking past transactions and appears to be a labor intensive approach not to mention the fact that the number of GL accounts which subsidiaries have to deal with will increase dramatically after opening new specified GL accounts. Because of this, I'd like to explore an alternative less labor intensive solution using existing SAP functionalities. Is there a function in SAP to deal with GL account hierarchy so that the consolidation team in headquarter can only look at the new GL accounts which has 'one-to-many' relationship with the GL accounts in use worldwide so that for the consolidation team, if they don't want to, they don't have to look at the 100,000 GL accounts but say, they can just deal with much less number of 2,000 GL accounts with higher hierarchy level which will appear on their SAP screen? I believe that this kind of GL streamlining work should be done smartly by SAP programming and GL account data mapping approach and not by human drudgery, and I am hoping that there is such a function in SAP, but as I don't know much about SAP functionalities, I'd greatly appreciate it if SAP experts can point me in the right direction.