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Oct 14, 2021 at 01:05 PM

Q1, Q2 etc... this year, with a dynamic range filter


Dear all,

I need to show in a story data for Q1 (1st quarter) this year, Q2 this year etc... and I want to make it with a dynamic date filter range, to not have to select a fixed quarter (and then update the stories every year to change the filter to next year...).

I could not make it with the standard range definition criteria ("a bit" frustrating BTW for something so basic).

Then I thought, I would set a "Current date" Input Control set to January 1st, but I already use one and only one is possible. On top of this, the only dynamic selection for this input control is "current date". So really not possible.

So in short: no solution so far.

I hope my skills are the limitations and somebody more experienced found a solution for such a basic requirement.

NB: I'm not willing to use "Analytic Application" as so far it would be the only reason to leave the standard "story" mode.