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Oct 10, 2021 at 08:52 PM

Basic Finish Date and Priority issues on work order.


Create Notification : IW21

I can change the required Start date and required End date.

But the issue is that this function does work on work orders.

The dialog box won't come out, we can't change the basic date automatically.
But the basic finish date can be changed when we filled the priority in the selection screen.

The basic finish date will change if you choose a priority value before you enter the next screen.

You will see the basic finish date had changed as per priority. And you can't change the date any more whatever the priority is.

That's the issue.

I think this is the user exit EXIT_SAPLCOIH_012 issue. The user exit is wrapped by CUSTOMER_PRIOK_0120. Inside CUSTOMER_PRIOK_0120, there is a check for priority (PRIOK).

But I am not too sure about this, because I am not an ABAP.

Please anyone can help me with this.



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