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Oct 13, 2021 at 12:31 AM

Exception to Holiday Date


Hi experts,

We typically have Christmas Day set up as a fixed date public holiday, with the "guarantee" set to "move from sat/sun to previous/next day." However, this year, since Christmas falls on a Saturday, the previous day is Christmas Eve which is also a holiday. Our organization has decided to give everyone Dec 27 the day off to observe, but SAP automatically switched it to December 23rd.

To fix this, I went into our Holiday Calendar, changed the validity of Christmas Day to end 2020, set up a specific Holiday for 2021 with specific date 12/27, then set up another Christmas Day for 2022+ with the same rule as last year's Christmas Day, valid from 2022 onward.

However, when I go into the timesheet, it is still showing Dec 23 as 0 target hours, and Dec 27 appears as a normal work day. I performed the batch work schedule process. What else am I missing? This is being done in a sandbox environment as a test, so I'm unable to transport the calendar.

Thanks so much!