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6 days ago

CCO, Returns (credit memos) based on Reserve Invoices

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Hello all,

I hope to make this post some point of central landing point on the topic of credit memos (returns) for reserve invoices generated from CCO.

Currently (FP12 PL02), it does not seem to be possible to generate credit memos based on reserve invoices at all. I have been looking to corroborate this information with some documentation, but I haven't found any so far. Is anybody aware of any documentation regarding this limitation? The only limitation I have found so far is from the "Integration Guide", and that doesn't specifically mention credit memos at all:

I understand that technically it is complicated to generate credit memos based on reserve invoices, since one has to distinguish between items already delivered, and items not yet delivered. Furthermore, for items already delivered it may also be necessary to distinguish between items that are actually returning to the warehouse, or are credited for another reason.

Having said that, I would like to submit an improvement request that details the requirement. But before doing so, I would like to have some more input from all of you, so the request can be tailored as specifically as possible to the most common needs, and also take into account any limitations already documented.

Currently, our workaround is to generate credit memos for reserve invoices from B1 instead, leave them "unpaid", so that we can then pull them back in to CCO and a) "pay them out" or b) "apply them to a new invoice". The main problems with this approach are: 1) a B1 license and access is required, and 2) revenue numbers from CCO are inflated, since the credit memo is never generated in CCO, and 3) local fiscal printers may not register the credit memo unless you can send the credit memo from B1 to the same fiscal printer in the corresponding branch.

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

Best regards,