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Oct 11, 2021 at 08:20 AM

Insert custom logic to component create-wizard


Hi Guys, I have a question: Can I insert custom logic into create-wizard component? When i create a new item in an entity (when click on icon "+" in the listview action toolbar) i must initialize other field that not show in the window wizard pop up, I have create a java class with perform method and a definition.xml of this action, and i have put create-wizard into java class : contextMap.put("configurableFlowConfigCtx", "create-wizard"); sendOutput("createContext",contextMap);

and in the definition.xml this socket: <sockets> <input id="createdObject" type="path of the entity model class" /> <output id="createContext" type="java.util.Map" /></sockets>

Someone can i help me for this?