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Oct 10, 2021 at 07:45 AM

ITSM setup - Business function activation


Hi All,

I'm trying to setup ITSM in solman 7.2 SP06. During the setup, I have question on step 1.2 "Configure manual pre-requisites"-> Enable business functions for ITSM. Please help with answer.

How do I know what Business functions needs to be activated via SFW5 during ITSM setup step 1.2 "Configure manual pre-requisites"-> Enable business functions for ITSM In the setup documentation, following business functions are mentioned as optional to activate.And also mentioned to activate the useful functions. How do we know that which function is useful and what are all the other business function needs to activated.

- BC_SRV_STW_03: Enable social media ABAP integration 3

- CRM_ES_BY_ATTACHMENT: Search in business object attachments. Attachments search their contents in Embedded/Enterprise Search - CRM_IC_CEBP: IC and communication-enabled business processes, for example for checklists - CRM_IC_INBOX: IC inbox extensions (reversible)

- CRM_IC_INBOX_2: IC inbox extensions 2 (reversible) - CRM_INF_1: Infrastructure (used for embedded / enterprise search)

- CRM_ITSM: Service request enhancements, for example, to search for transactions "With my involvement", displaying a pushbutton that indicates attachments, ranking calculation, and decision-based checklists - CRM_ITSM_ALERTS: Notification framework and e-mail (reversible)

- CRM_ITSM_BULLETINS: Bulletin board - CRM_ITSM_COM: Content and text management

- CRM_ITSM_PROCESS_TIMES_MGMT: Management of processing times (reversible)

- CRM_KA_CI_2: Knowledge article content preview (see SAP Note 1619457, at - CRM_RMD: Rule modeler usability

- CRM_SHSVC: Multifunctional shared service integration center, for example for checklists

- CRM_SWI_1: Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM - CRM_TM_1: Enlarged text area and filters in text log - UI_FRW_1: UI framework

- UI_FRW_1_DOCU: UI framework documentation