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Oct 06, 2021 at 04:21 PM

PRO's and CONS' for PO closing process in ECC 6.0

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All good morning,

In my company the process to "close" a PO is not truly defined. As we all know there are multiple ways to "close" a PO when the receipts are less than the PO quantity. We're using ECC 6.0

1) We can make the PO qty match the receipts manually. Procurement sometimes does this. If we continue to match the PO qty with the receipts, how will I evaluate my vendors correctly ? It will look like my vendors are always delivering me 100% of the order quantity when I run reports. I like populating the final delivery indicator always -due to limits on each PO item - I think that populating the final delivery indicator makes reporting easier.

2) We can make the PO qty match the receipts manually & add the final delivery indicator . This is better than option 1, but procurement still has to manually match the receipts with the PO quantities, and I still won't get the correct information to evaluate vendors.

3) We can set the deletion flag on the item. This would solve my problem, because I would be able to see what was and what wasn't delivered on the PO item to better evaluate my vendors. However, if procurement does this before we get an invoice, then we wont' be able to process the invoice in MIRO.

4) Implement an enhancement so that no further GRs can be done for a PO item after the final delivery indicator is set

I want to make the PO closing easy for my folks, so I'm tempted to implement what is described in this blog:

5) Set the latest document goods receipt and the final delivery indicator

Without the enhancement for option 4, this would fulfill my needs. I'd rather do the enhancement so that the indicator makes more sense for my procurement team.

What are you guys doing to close PO's and why are you doing it that way? Which issues are you having? What do you consider to be the best practice for this?

I know there are other questions that address this, but option 4 was not available until ECC EHP4, and I have not found any reference to it on existing answers.

Thank you!