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May 09, 2006 at 11:14 PM

Custom logic applied at a Data Element/Screen Element level (Field Exit?)


Hello all,

I have a unique request I am trying to fulfill.

The client wishes to make use of Lab Office as a filter criteria when using any Standard SAP selection screens that contain MATNR (ie. ME2N,). Without getting into too much detail, this is because they use Lab Office to categorize materials in the Material Master. So for simplicity sake when they run say MRP, they would like to be able to run it only for those materials (MATNR) in a certain Category (LABOR).

Natural instinct was to create a search help that contains Lab Office an assign that at the Domain level to MATNR (so that its available on all selection screens) however there is an issue here. Matchcodes max out at 5000 hits, and their use of LABOR can be used to categorize up to 10,000+ materials.

So.... any ideas?

Conversion exits can be assigned at a Domain level however only offer a straight value for value replacement (ie. not return multiple values).

Field exits can be assigned at a Data element level, but can they return a structure containing multiple values to a selection screen?????