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Invoice matching

Hi Jürgen,

I never got any response to related descriptive questions earlier so I thank you for the reply.

I have been analyzing processes that can guide Vendor Service Line to reduce a significant stagnant figure of GRIR open items [-35,975,764.28 USD | 5747 OIs].

With the kind of system (SAP) and resources we have, we really need to get to the bottom for improving processes from. At Financial Reporting GL maintaining unit, we have been assisting the responsible offices with straight visibility to the ageing open items but various reporting efforts are easily nulled when the aged items appear recurrently!

During the time between the Invoice being created and delivery of goods, there can be a timing difference, in order to accommodate this timing difference, the GR/IR account is maintained temporarily to record the flow. We are aware that the GR/IR clearing account is usually cleared at the end of a fiscal year for those order items that no further goods receipts or invoices are expected for. This said, there is a need of analyze and track PO’s Items “Still to be delivered” along the same line “Still to be invoiced”. I analyzed the ME2N report extract which has a typical stanza layout but provides important data. You can play with the Tab [ME2N-GRIR-PO-ToBeDelivered-V] and by selecting “Delivery %#” can see the picture of Invoice created. Right here, different tapping can be done to track the PO’s, Invoices should be received. While the aged PO’s with 100% to be delivered and 100% be invoiced should be depleted for funding efficiency which will lead to less clumsy G1 accruals at the end of fiscal year. I have collated this report but through this forum I am holding myself accountable and assert that there is any specific report/layout (GRIR) that gives efficient control to track Invoices and close Open POs.


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2 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 09:32 AM

    I addressed to you as you had replied to my previous posting.

    Anyway thanks for the GRIR Link looks useful. But how can I know if the software component is supported in my SAP version.

    Software Component HCO_HBA_APPS_GRIRM

    Hope the case I have presented might seems meaningful to some. Regarding using of Tag I thing I chose GRIR so I do not know how you are still referring MM.

    The stated case is about GRIR related Open Items efficient tracking. MY Question thus is :

    Is any specific report/layout (GRIR) that gives efficient control to track Invoices and match with close Open POs thereby close pertaining GRIR Open Items?


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    • I am sorry I don't fully understand these question how you can know if the component is supported. If you have a SAP HANA system with SPS7 then it is supported as this is the precondition, and what system you have should be known much better by your colleagues in your company than by any stranger

      If you have your issue with the Fiori App then the chosen tag is correct.

      To my little knowledge does a Fiori App not have a transaction name like ME2N, so if you are talking about the ERP transaction ME2N which can be found in the Materials Management menu then your chosen tag is wrong and you should tag it with Materials Management.

  • Posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 01:34 PM

    Ours is based on SAP ECC 6.0 and Oracle as Database System.

    I have not used SAP Fiori Client on Android just downloaded shall try to get the right URL.

    Regarding using of Tag yes I agree with you that ME2N is classified under Logistics>Materials Management>Purchasing>Purchase Order>List Displays. I am aware that ME2N extract gives Purchase details per PO Document Number [Material Group/Material Code “Still to be delivered” and line “Still to be invoiced”]. I have been using this extract mainly to populate the Vendor Code and Name that FAGLL03 extract does not provide, use this to Project Vendors that stay on top of OIM GLA 35401010 Pivot.

    In Financial Reporting, I am analyzing an important OIM GLA 35401010-AP Exch Goods Receipt Payable GRIR. This OIM GLA has been indicating a large negative balances with considerable large numbers of Open Items. In last two year a huge expense has been incurred on staff travel on projects to clear GRIR Open Items and regular VTC Scrums have taken place. But when I look at last two years of OIM GLA 35401010 Open Items data, average line remains horizontal at these marks!

    As I understand for any particular PO if the Goods is received, a WE document is created. Upon receipt of Invoices, if the corresponding RE Document is created with the same “Assignment” then these WE and RE documents should be cleared by Auto Clearing function. Somehow unfortunately this is not working in our SAP Environment!

    I have mainly two queries:

    1. Can I use the FAGLL03 listing for 35401010 Open Items to filter the WE Documents for which there are no RE corresponding document for that very PO? Or as I stated in my story earlier, can I load unique PO’s of FAGLL03 into ME2N and analyze the extract to list POs for which the Goods are received but Invoices are not recorded or not received?

    2. What is the best practice to track and record receipt of Physical Invoices in SAP? This is one of the major loose points resulting in the OIM GLA 35401010 projects red AP balance in the Trial Balance!

    Shall be grateful to your expert advice. Many thanks!

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