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Oct 07 at 10:25 AM

How to find CDS Views (Data Definitions, TYPE:DDLS) for a SAP Standard Table using where used?


Hello SAP ABAP Community, Hi Thomas Fiedler,

I want to find CDS Views based on an SAP Standard Table e.g. T179. So I go into SE11, enter the table name and hit the where-used-list icon. This dialog appears:

and is defaulted also with "Data Definitions". I uncheck the options for Programs, Classes and Web Dynpro Components. When I now start the search I only get the info message:

"Database table T179 was not found in DDL Sources"

But as you can see from the following screenshot there is the View I_ProductHierarchy based exactly on this Table:

I've reached out with this problem to Twitter. In the Meantime our Basis Admin found the Report SAPRSEUB that is mentioned in SAP Note 28022 - Customer system: Where-used list for SAP Objects but according to this Twitter thread from Christian Punz starting this report is not enough. You also have to start SDDIC_DDLS_INDEX_ALL_SOURCES according to SAP Note 2833335 - DDLS object missing in the where-used result list.

So my question is: Why are the DDLS sources not indexed using the report SAPRSEUB directly?

Best Regards