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Oct 05, 2021 at 05:26 PM

EC Timesheet Tardiness and Absence Creation



If employee clock in time is late by 2 hours and 1 minute in the morning, or early in evening, we need to deduct half day (0.5) day for Leave without pay. Tardiness should be calculated if any deviation as per work schedule(less than 2 hours and 1 minute).


Planned Working Time: 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Actual Timings captured in EC timesheet: 10.31 AM to 4.45 PM

2 hours and 1 minute should be considered for 0.5-day deduction, ( 8.30 AM to 10.31 AM )

Undertime 45 minutes – Tardiness payroll deduction (4.44 PM to 5.30 PM)


As per our analysis, we can setup a time valuation to calculate Working Time balance, it will perform a daily comparison of planned vs. recorded times. Using this approach, we are able to determine the deviation, but we are unable to calculate tardiness separately.

Is it possible to create an unpaid absence in EC time off automatically based on difference in working time and also tardiness should be calculated separately.