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Oct 06 at 02:38 PM

How to execute SAP DI Graph automatically after completion of BW Process Chain


Dear SAP DI Experts,

We have the following scenario:

> Everyday data from BW ADSO is dropped and loaded via a Process Chain in BW.

> We have created a Graph (Pipeline) in SAP DI which reads the data from that same BW ADSO and writes them into a CSV file and stores that in Data Lake.

> Presently, we are executing the Graph manually in SAP DI to write the data into Data Lake.

Our Requirement:

We want to schedule this SAP DI Graph in a such manner so that it starts executing automatically as soon as the Process Chain (data loading) in BW completes.

Anyone having any information on how this can be achieved, we request you to please share your valuable inputs.

Best Regards,