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Sep 27, 2021 at 03:33 PM

SAP DM for ESEF - tag on multiple text block sections



I am using SAP DM to produce the iXBRL file according ESEF regulation. Our users asked us if it is possible to use a tag on multiple pieces of text block. For instance I would like to tag the following green section with the same tag:

If I select both section together, only the last text block selected is tagged. I tried also to tag the two sections separately, but in the validation tool the following error is showed: [formula:assertionUnsatisfied] tech_duplicated_facts1, $v1: ifrs-full:ExplanationOfChangeInNameOfReportingEntityOrOtherMeansOfIdentificationFromEndOfPrecedingReportingPeriod context CYTD, - UNI.xhtml 785, 1080, 20469.

I read in the ESEF Reporting Manual (guidance 1.3.3) "if multiple pieces of text corresponding to one block tag are disclosed in different sections of the Notes, issuers should tag such disclosures with one block tag by using the Inline XBRL constructs which allow the concatenation of text content within a document (see Guidance 2.5.5)". So it is possible to tag multiple sections. In guidance 2.5.5 I read: "Further to Guidance 1.3.3, ESMA recommends that application of ix:continuation or ix:exclude element should be applied for marking-up multiple pieces of text to a single text block tag".

How it is possible to applicate the ix:continuation in SAP DM?

Thanks to all,