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Sep 30 at 09:42 PM

Test Scripts / Cases


Here is a great question that I will repost from our old SAP Activate community.

Dear Support, I have recently joined the S4HANA implementation project team at my company. I was appointed as Test Manager; my responsibilities are to describe the test strategy and write the test scripts. We are doing a brownfield approach (system conversion) towards the on-premise version. At the moment, we are using SAP R/3 and are moving towards S/4HANA. I have some experience in working with SAP, however I do not have enough experience to fully write all test scenarios. For that reason, I have joined the SAP Active group. During my training, I saw that this group also provide you access to several test scripts and test plans. This would be a huge help for me as Test Manager. However, after some thorough investigation I was not successful in finding the actual links to the test scenarios and scripts. Are these PDF/Word documents? Would you be so kind to send me the documents/links to these test plans? The more detailed the better. Thank you very much in advance! Link to current page: