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Sep 30, 2021 at 08:44 AM

Infoobject Self update not working


Good day everyone,

We are facing a very strange issue. I did not find anything in OSS...So, trying to reach out to you, the best of the best ;-)

We have to update a time dependent attribute on 0MATERIAL.

To do that, we are doing a self update. We put the code to derive the info in the end routine (we also tried the start).

When running the DTP in debug mode to check this is working, the code does what it is supposed to : updating the field as we want. So far, so good...

But, when running for real the DTP (for 1 material or the whole set), no updates happen...

We are on BW/4, HANA 2.0, SP6...(revision 53 for HANA).

Does it ring a bell to anyone ?