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Sep 30, 2021 at 08:00 AM

Annotations not used in #LINEITEM_REFERENCE section of object page


Some annotations are not taken into account in a #LINEITEM_REFERENCE of an object page. I have a cds projection view ZC_Config_U with 4 associations. The associations are defined in the projection view as followed:

      _Constants    : redirected to composition child ZC_Constants_U,
      _Events       : redirected to composition child ZC_Events_U,
      _Headers  : redirected to composition child ZC_Headers_U,
      _Values : redirected to composition child ZC_Values_U

The associations are displayed as tables in the object page of the application with the following code (fragment) in the metadata extension of ZC_Config_U:

annotate view ZC_Config_U with
  @UI.facet               : [
            { id:              'EventsId',
               type:            #LINEITEM_REFERENCE,
               label:           'Events',
               targetQualifier: 'Events',
               targetElement:   '_Events',
               position:        30

The metadata extionsion for ZC_Events_U contains the following code fragment:

    fieldGroup : [{ qualifier: 'BasicInfoFieldGroup', position: 20 } ],
    lineItem: [{ position: 15, importance: #HIGH }]
  @EndUserText.label: 'Event'

Service binding:

define service ZSD_Config_U {
  expose ZC_Config_U as Config;
  expose ZC_Events_U as Events;
  expose ZC_Headers_U as Headers;
  expose ZC_Constants_U as Constants;
  expose ZC_Values_U as Values;

If I launch Config in preview mode, only part of the annotations for the subviews are working. E.g. the labels are all fine, the object pages for the subviews are fine but @UI.lineItem is not working (no columns are displayed as default) and custom actions are not displayed. If I launch any of the subviews directly, all of the annotations are used. Default collumns are displayed in the table and all custom actions are visible.

Any idea how I can get all of the annotations working for all subsections?

Thanks, Patrick