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Sep 30 at 12:42 PM

VBAP not getting refreshed in exit RV45PFZA after using VF04


Dear All,

I am using "USEREXIT_STATUS_VBUK_INVOICE" of include "RV45PFZA" to copy attachements from the order to the created invoice. This works perfectly fine except when transaction vf04 is used and multiple invoices are processed. The structure VBFA is not refreshed, which means all created invoices receive the same attachement from the first processed order.

Also this problem doesn't always occur, sometimes it works just fine with multiple invoices each one getting the right attachement.

I can't find a way to manually update vbap or map vbap to vbuk in USEREXIT_STATUS_VBUK_INVOICE. What could be the solution here?

Please provide your valuable feedback. I tried searching for a solution to this issue but couldn't find any.

Thanks in advance and best regards,