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Sep 29, 2021 at 07:27 AM

CPI: OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code to connect to 3rd party system


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to post data to 3rd party system which supports only OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code for the authentication.

I have followed few Q&A in the community For Ex: and got to know the CPI doesn't support "OAuth2 Authorization Code" other than Microsoft as of now.

We don't have SAP OpenConnector and API Management in the landscape, so I was thinking to do 2 http calls one to get the token and another to post the data using the fetched token.

Please share on alternatives if there is any other with which we can use for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code in CPI Iflows.

I tried to fetch the toke using postman and found the below error. But the same thing works in post man if I directly call the API using the Auth Type as OAuth 2.0 and grant type with Authorization Code




oauth-20.png (69.1 kB)