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Sep 23 at 08:44 PM

Role Reaffirmation issue in GRC 12 and comparison with UAR


Hi All,

Good day.

I have tried to configure Role Reaffirmation based on the document on

Role Reaffirm in Role Management - Access Control 10.0 - Governance, Risk and Compliance - Community Wiki (

and verified some notes like (1601455/1602117), and checked some previous threads which were having incomplete resolution.

I am getting NO RECORDS FOUND error. I tried even running the program GRAC_ROLE_REAFFIRM_REQUEST_GEN. But not worked.

GRACROLEREAFFIRM table is always showing empty.

Please help in resolving the issue.

Also just wanted to understand, if we have UAR process, on what situations we can recommend Reaffirmation.