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May 09, 2006 at 02:15 PM

Programmatically unpacking/repacking HUs


In our business process, Deliveries for some of our shipments are created about 3 weeks in advance of the expected shipment date. These Deliveries, which contain estimated weights, are then put into SAP Shipments and are packed onto Shipping Units. On the shipping date, Deliveries are updated with the actual weights that were shipped. In 4.6B, we developed programming to dynamically update the weights on Shipping Units within the Shipment the correspond with the actual weights in the Delivery. In mySAP, this process is different since it involves Handling Units.

Has anyone had to programmatically update weights and/or volumes in Handling Units in a Shipment after a Delivery has been already been packed onto the Handling Unit? Have you programmatically unpacked and repacked a HU? If so, please specify any SAP Function modules that were used. Thank you in advance for your assistance.