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What is the planning interface in BusinessObjects Cloud

Feb 21, 2017 at 12:53 AM


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I have a couple of questions related to BusinessObjects Cloud.

1) What is the Planning interface in BusinessObjects Cloud. Is it HTML based or is there a capability of using excel?

2) Can BusinessObjects Cloud connect directly to ECC 6.0.


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Petar Daniel Feb 22, 2017 at 06:10 PM


I think the answer to question #2 is "yes", and you will find details to all import capabilities online at the following:

The Planning UI for BOC is via HTML and consists of graphs, charts, and grids. The grids are "like" MS excel, but MS excel in neither embedded, attached or an option for data modeling at this point in time. The key information that I like to pass on to people looking at BOC's planning capabilities includes the following:

- Planning requires licenses for Planning features and capabilities, beyond the Core BOC BI and Predictive licenses.

- Planning happens in models that are loaded into BOC or imported to BOC, while the BI Live connections do not support any Planning features.

- The UI is based on a Story. The story contains tabs. Each tab may be either a Canvas or a GRID. The grid looks and acts more like MS Excel, but does not have the vast formula capabilities found in MS excel. The Canvas allows for multiple objects on one tab/page, including tables, which are a Grid as well.

Thanks and hope this helps.

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Thanks Petar.

So, is there an option to chose only the Planning License and not the BI and Predictive License?

Also can the plan data from BOC be pushed back to HANA on cloud or HANA on premise?


Petar Daniel Feb 22, 2017 at 06:41 PM

As I understand the license structure, there are 4 types of licenses. Bi User, Predictive User, Planning Standard User, and Planning Professional User. Each level includes the capabilities of the prior, so when you get to Planning Professional User, it contains all capabilities and access for BOC, but you need fewer of them in the landscape.

As for the data export, the answer is "Not at this time" and I encourage you to submit this on the IDEA place page for BOC at:

Thanks and hope this helps.

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