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Sep 22, 2021 at 09:52 AM

Wrong ECM version and Explosion Date in Process Order created by the same Planned Order


Hi everyone, I have a problem related to Process Order and ECM, or something similar.

I have two PO (1000026205 and 1000026206) for the same material, created from the same planned order:

Except for the quantity, the orders are perfectly the same.

Each order has two operations: 10 and 20.

This is the first (correct) one:

And this is the second (wrong) one:

As you can see, in the last one SAP gets and older ECM so I have “older” data inside my process order.

I’ve noticed maybe the “cause” of the problem, but I don’t know how to solve it. I think that is the Explosion Date:

This is the right order:

And this is the wrong one:

How is that possible? Same planned order, same material, orders created one after the other. ECM release many months before (in April, and now we are in semptember).

Any help?


1.png (174.0 kB)
2.png (200.3 kB)
3.png (63.0 kB)
4.png (76.2 kB)
5.png (161.8 kB)
6.png (155.8 kB)