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Sep 17 at 02:33 PM

Data Source not found in system via SAP Analytics Cloud Excel Add-in


Hi SAP community,

I have created a SAC planning model (TOPLINE) which I am trying to access via SAC Excel add-in.
I have no problem connecting to other models that are in my folder pane, however for this specific model I cannot establish the connection. I receive the error below when I try:

"Data source TOPLINE was not found in system XXX."

In the message section, here is the 2 errors that are generated:

  1. Error during initialization of query view:\nDecimalFloat is not a value type! (
  2. Data source TOPLINE was not found in system XXX

Would you have any idea what would be the reason behind this ?

Thank you in advance for your help!




error-message.png (15.9 kB)