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Sep 17 at 07:52 AM

BOBJ4.3 Launch pad issues(links between dashboad and web intelligence report are not working)



we have a dashboard which has Opendoc links pointing to the webi reports, the Opendoc links are working correctly in BOBJ4.1 and BOBJ4.2. When we click the link, the web intelligence report will be opened in another tab within the BI Launch pad( the API we use for this is:

Recently we installed the BOBJ4.3, the launch pad changed a lot and the tab bar is removed in the new fiorified launch pad, when we click the web intelligence report link, the report could not be loaded and the page become blank within the launch pad.

So the question is: BOBJ4.3 fiorified launch pad could open from dashboard to dashboard though the opendoc links, but could not open the webi reports from the dashboard through opendoc links any more in BOBJ4.3?