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Sep 16 at 08:46 AM

Portugal - QR code in custom print program

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Hi all,

I am trying to realize th pront-out of the PT QR-code in a custom print-program according to the note 2981450 Cookbook for Customers 2.0.

The chapter "Calling the QR Code Class" gives an example for the coding. But that is not enough.

How can I "realize" this comments? To get this famous qrcode.

DATA ls_qrc_get_param TYPE cl_rdsv_qrcode=>qrcode_get_param.

DATA ls_qrc_object_pt TYPE cl_sipt_qrcode_pt=>source_object_pt.

DATA ls_get_status_param TYPE cl_sipt_pr_util=>doc_status_get_param.

DATA ls_qrc_result TYPE cl_rdsv_qrcode=>qrcode_output.

DATA lx_qrc_exc TYPE REF TO cx_rdsv_qrcode. DATA ls_qrcode TYPE sipt_s_invqrcode.

* Fill ls_qrc_object_pt in case the call uses source_object

* (and source type implements method GET_CONTENT_BY_OBJECT)

* The source type must implement one or both GET_CONTENT_BY_* methods

* Only the implemented methods can be called




get_param = ls_qrc_get_param

source_object = ls_qrc_object_pt

IMPORTING qrcode = ls_qrc_result ).

As I am not the great OO-programmer, I tried to look up for examples how to use the methods above.

It's clear: without content I won't get any QR code.

I can't call the method GET_CONTENT_BY_OBJECT_PT because it is protected.

Does anyone have an example or an advice?

We have SAP_BASIS 740/25 and SAP_APPL/SAP_FIN617/022

Thanks and best regards