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Sep 20, 2021 at 08:56 AM

SAP Fiori element custom action on list report



I developed a SAP Fiori element list with a complex model structure.

In the object page of the main entityset I implemented another sub-entityset (to_item).

I have the requirement to navigate straight away from the main list report to object page of the sub-entity.

The button for the navigate should be "inline". Means, in the table of the main list report and not in the toolbar.

First I create a custom action extension and implemented the extension API, but the button is visible on the table toolbar and not "inline" in the table.


Secondly, I tried to create a button via UI annotation (UI.DataFieldForIntentBasedNavigation).

The problem is here that I don't know how to pass the navigation target (/to_item()) within the intent?

I implemented the "adaptNavigationParameterExtension" method from the ExtensionAPI, but still don't understand how to set the navigation target.

What would be the best approach for my requirement?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards