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Sep 16 at 02:34 PM

MM06E005 Customer fields in purchasing document : PBO Dynpro 101 not working



i have implemented Enhancement MM06E005 to get some customer fields on PO header .

For this i implemented Screen Exit SAPLXM06 0101 and created Dynpro 0101.

Now the new fields are shown properly in TC ME21N in the new tab Customer Data. so far so good ;-)


i want to implement some logic into PBO Module of Dynpro 0101 to change the customer fields to no input when called with ME23N.


The issue is, if i set a break-point in PBO module status_0101 the debugger won´t stop there, it seems the PBO logic don´t get called .

The reason for this behaviour is totally unclear and any help and hints are higly appreciated

Regards André

The project as well as my Object in TR are all activated.


screen1.jpg (71.8 kB)
screen2.jpg (86.2 kB)