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Sep 15 at 04:11 PM

Custom field update from SAP Asset Manager during Notification creation


Hi All,

The standard SAP Asset Manager 2005 creates notification using a batch request of Notification header, partner and item entities.

If there are custom fields to be updated as part of the same batch request, please confirm on where the standard class be enhanced.

There is a badi at the end of '/MERP/CL_PM_NOTIFICATION_OD-->/MFND/IF_CORE_OMDO_HANDLER~CREATE' method, but as the notification change set commit happens later in 'HANDLE_COMMIT_WORK_EVENT' method of same class, the notification does not get created until the commit happens, hence unable to update the custom fields in the create method badi, as the notification is not created at the time of badi call.

Please help with your suggestions.