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Sep 15 at 03:10 PM

Release person name changing



In my company one person 'X' was authorized for PO approval. He approved a PO with number eg:1234 on 20th march 2021 and in the PO print document taken on 20th march, approver name is shown as 'X' itself. But he left the organization on 31st march and a new person 'Y' has replaced him.We changed the release code to Y's name. In The POs approved by 'Y', the print documents it is showing the approver name as 'Y'. But when I took the printout of PO number 1234 on today's date, the approver name is showing as 'Y'. But actually it was approved by 'X'. I want X's name in all the PO print documents which are approved by 'X' when I take the printout in todays date.. Can anyone help?