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Sep 14 at 02:11 PM

I want to get the OutboundDelivery Data

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Hello SAP Developers

I am developing a process that is generated from sales orders and Outbound Delivery through TASK.

So I want to deliver the last Outbound Delivery data to the partner through the API, but I couldn't find the API for that part. I know QueryOutboundDeliveryIn. It is only ID and outbound delivery status.

* I want Red Box Data

There are two ways I am thinking.

1. After creating the CBO of the CAS, the method of storing data with Before Save and importing the corresponding Webservice.

2. Bringing API using Odata method.(But I don't prefer the Odata method.)

So I have a question. Is it possible to bring the value for the delivery through the WSDL file (SOAP) method?

I'm using ManageSiteLogistic TaskIn to create outbound delivery. That's why it doesn't matter if the Outbound Delivery ID or Item appears on QuerySiteLogistic TaskIn.

Or is there any other good suggestion other than the one I suggested?

The same issue exists in inbound delivery. If possible, I would like to deal with it in a similar way.

thank you