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Sep 14 at 10:46 AM

Searchhelps problems using a custom namespace with Odata v2


We are currently facing a problem regarding Searchhelps using a custom namespace with Odata v2 on a Netweaver 740 System.

The code below seems fine, but the UI5 SmartFields don’t show a value help field, and neither is there any error thrown in the console.

We previously tested the exact same code on another system, where it was working and ported it over by just changing the service and classes names by adding the namespace.

Below are excerpts of the returned metadata of our service.

The UI5 XML View. The Entity is bound via this.getView().bindElement() in the controller and data is displayed fine in other bound fields.

The result in the UI5 Apps is successfully bound to the model but doesn’t display a valuehelp.

Maybe someone has a good hint.



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2.jpg (57.3 kB)
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