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May 09, 2006 at 09:37 AM

COPA inconstencies with delta queues



This morning (09/05) we had a very disturbing problem with COPA delta queues (generic extractor) :

The selected source of data is locked by another process RD 156

Errors in source system RSM 340

I deleted the red data request and tried to relaunch a delta update, but the request exctracted 0 records ... successfully ...

R/3 side :

Extraction job overview in the source system :

08.05.2006 22:21:07 28 LUWs confirmed and 28 LUWs to be deleted with FB RSC2_QOUT_CONFIRM_DATA

08.05.2006 22:21:54 Job finished

I didn't find which was the process that locked the delta extraction.

Delta queue :

Transaction rsa7, I found 0 LUW assigned to our generic copa extractor and strangely the timestamp status hasn't been updated.

Delta-Relevant Field TIMESTMP

Current Status 07.05.2006 21:44:27

Effectively, the was a delta update on 07.05.2006 21:44:27. But how is it that there is now 0 LUW assigned ?

And since I have relaunched the delta udpate this morning how is it that the timestamp status hasn't been updated.

I have checked OSS the isn't any note that corresponds to our Support pny help would be greatly package level :

R/3 release 4.6C

PI 2004_1_46C

Business Information Warehouse 3.0B

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.