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Sep 15 at 02:29 PM

Use of WRR as repository for single html files, called by document iViews in the portal


we currently use a central file share placing some html files. These htmls are used for some clored entry pages for different projects in our portal, document iViews then publishes these htmls. Editing of these is done in the background with other tools. Staging is to be done manually, but as there are only few, this is OK.

Now the fileshare will get lost due to another provider change.
Now I want to place all the html files, including css and images into the Web Resource Repository, thinking I also could create document iViews to publish these pages.
But we fail.

What is the URL/path to these "documents" located inside the WRR, to use these docs within in any KM iview?

thanks a lot

best regards