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5 days ago

ByD Forms - how to get available data fields

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Dear Community,

a colleague of mine wants me to create a more modern layout for customer invoice. I know, that this has to be done via Adobe Livecycle Designer.

But we have some questions, which we cannot answer for ourself.

  • Is there a possibility to see directly within ByD which data fields are available in e.g. customer invoice (lets say some kind ob object list). So lets assume he wants to mockup a fast template in Excel for me and so it would be nice, what is actually available to choose from.
  • Is there some kind of query where one can get such data?
  • Is there a connection between Datasources and/or Reports and the data in the forms?

I know that I can open an downloaded form as XDP in Livecycle Designer and can see data on the tab Data View, but this is quite a bunch of information - and also my colleague doesn't use this tool, so I will need to get him a simple file with useable information (available datafields per form).

I also know, that SAP Cloud Application Studio is also possible of generating forms, but I haven't worked with it and the main question is, which datafields are available per form.

Best regards