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Sep 13, 2021 at 03:47 AM

SAP CF - error accessing OData Services registered in Extension Center from UI5 app



We are working on migrating UI5 applications deployed in the BTP Neo environment to Cloud Foundry. In Neo, the OData services for these applications are registered in 'OData Provisioning' and accessed in UI5 app through destinations.

In CF, as the OData Provisioning services in now integrated with the Extension Center instance, we have registered the required services in Extension Center and created a destination for the same. Please see below.

Now when this OData service is accessed in UI5 app, we are getting a 404 - Not Found error.

We have updated the manifest and xs-app files as required for Neo to CF migration.

Can someone help with what could be the issue here, or if we are missing something? Please suggest.