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Sep 10 at 04:11 PM

SAC -> Data Actions: Advanced formulas - Copy Measure Dynamically by Dimension Members

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Hello SAP Analytics Cloud Experts,

Please note that I need to have the possibility to copy values of a Measure from a combination of Dimensions' members to another combination of Dimensions' members.

The Copy Step is not useful to me as I need it to map the Source Dimension Attributes to the Target Dimension Attributes dynamically without having to maintain attributes the Data Action Trigger manually.

Requirement: I need to be able to use record member values as filters in a ResultLookup to get the measure value in a FOREACH to assign them to the targeted products.(Or design a copy treatment via Advanced Formula)
Something like a Read statement in SAP ABAP.

As an example, here below is a table representing my model's transactional data

I need to use the Product_Source and Year_Source to pick up the Sales from their respective Product and Year. The sales values of the source product may changes during the day. The Data Action will be scheduled to be executed on an hourly basis

After the Data Action will be triggered, the sales value will be affected as below:

Here below is the Script that I tried on the Advanced Formula Step:

FOREACH.BOOKED [d/product], [d/year], [d/product_source], [d/source_year]

	DATA([d/measures] = "SALES", [d/product] = [d/product], [d/year] = [d/year] )= RESULTLOOKUP([d/measures] = "SALES", [d/year] = [d/source_year], [d/product] = [d/source_product])


Can someone please help or advice me how can I make this treatment possible on SAP Analytics Cloud?

Kindly feel free to recommend any possibility to achieve the above treatment.


Kind Regards,

Jonathan Abel


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