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I'm using bapi BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_CREATE(CHANGE)MULTI for creating Repair Orders. With the SERVICE_OS you can maniputlate: Results, Reasons, Subjects.

What I want to do is to add Objects too (Material).

I don't know how to provide the bapi with the data to create this Object-Material ? When checking the bapi I see FM CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN is called which needs the SERVICE_OS table, which contains possible Subjects and Objects (OSSET structure). The Subjects are correctly filled in the bapi ... but I can't find where the Objects are filled (if they are!) ?

Any help is welcome. Thanx.


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2 Answers

  • May 09, 2006 at 08:38 AM

    Hi Jan,

    You can pass the Objects in OBJECTS table in the FM


    • Bapi to create the Contract Header and Line Item along with the MPRN

    • details



    header = lit_header

    item = lit_orderadm_i

    partner = lit_partner

    organisation = lit_organisation

    status = lit_status

    appointment = lit_appointment

    input_fields = lit_inputfields

    return = lit_ret

    product = lit_product

    scheduleline = lit_schline

    customer_head = lit_customer_h

    customer_item = lit_customer_i

    pricing = lit_pricing

    condition_create = lit_condition

    billing = lit_billing

    config_cfg = lit_config_cfg

    config_ins = lit_config_ins

    config_val = lit_config

    <b> OBJECTS = lit_object.</b>

    <b>Please reward points if it helps.</b>


    Amit Mishra

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    • Hi,

      I already tried that (maybe still doing wrong!).

      I'm in fact creation a repair order (Service process). The object(material) I want to create is on header level.

      "Fast entry screen-Product ID" or "Trans.Data-Objects-Product ID".

      In FM CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN this data is passed via:


      but I don't see how I can pas this data to the BAPI, which calls the FM !?

      Could you give some more info about you build lit_objects ?



  • May 09, 2006 at 02:44 PM

    Hi Jan,

    I am populating IBASE components in lit_objects. An IBASE contains Connection Object and POD in CRM.

    I am passing the POD in the above table.

    Are you working on SAP CRM module. IF yes, just explain me your problem in little detail.

    I am using the same BAPI in CRM to create Service Contracts, Activity etc. I may help you in giving some idea how do we populate these tables and pass the same to the BAPI.


    Amit Mishra

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    • Hi,

      BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_CREATEMULTI can not solve everything (answer from SAP Note) !

      So indeed use other FM CRM_MAINTAIN_ORDER or CRM_SERVICE_OS_MAINTAIN_OW or any other CRM_...._OW.

      I'm now starting doing updates using the BOL ! Nice, try it, examples to be found in cookbook and forums.