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Sep 15 at 01:38 PM

SAP Business ByDesign Integration with external system.


Hello and apologies to everyone in advance if my question seems unclear, for i am new to sap and still trying to figure everything out.

i am currently working on a solution which involves integrating SAP Business ByDesign with an external system/website. in my research i have been able to understand how API's work and have had success testing multiple webservices , even created a custom webservice for my solution. However i am having trouble understanding a certain aspect of integration which involves taking a webservice or API provided by the external system and using it in ByDesign or Cloud Application Studio sending data back to that external system. I have had some success creating e.g. a sales order or material in bydesign using SAP webservices or webservices created in cloud application studio, however i am kind of lost when it comes to the reverse - creating or sending data to this external system.

so for my first question is this integration scenario possible? i have seen that in the cloud applications studio you have the ability to create an external soap or rest webservice integration in your solution, is this the correct method to be used if i have an external api ? once again i apologise if my question is unclear.

If creating an external webservice in cloud applications studio is the correct method, are there any tutorials/guidelines on how to do this? the part where i get lost is after uploading the WSDL or URL to cloud application studio . Can any WSDL be imported? what are the steps after you have a wsid/wsdl uploaded to your solution. Also what are the steps to send a request or get a response using ABSL or scripts.

Any advice or help would very much be appreciated and if any of my questions are unclear i would be happy to elaborate, thank you so much