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Sep 15 at 12:51 PM

SAC Planning Data actions Advanced formulas not working anymore


Hello SAP Community,

4 to 5 months ago I created some data actions with advanced formulas and currently none of them works anymore. It seems like it is not possible to change any data within planning versions of a model with any data actions (clicking on a cell and typing e.g. +10 still works...). I even tried to use some standard data action from the business content which should only clear version data, but even that one did no changes to any planning data except for actuals.

Have there been some changes which I missed to implement? Am I missing something? I already tried to create a new story, new model and new data action but nothing seems to work. There are no errors when validating the formulas. Neither visual or scripts work.

This is for example one sample I tried but did not work (gl account has values in the planning version I executed it)


Thanks and Regards