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Sep 11 at 04:45 PM

Installation error while installing Solution manager 7.2 SR1 AS ABAP on HF1 RDBMS

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Dear Experts,

I am installing Solman 7.2 Sr1 AS ABAP on SAP ASE HF1 RDBMS Windows Server on x64 64bit. I am encountered with error at 26 Percent of the installation as below.

Below is the error that i found in sapinst.log file.

ERROR 2021-09-11 21:39:10.636 (SOLPRD\Administrator) id=controller.stepExecuted errno=FCO-00011
The step syb_step_setup_backup_server with step key |NW_ABAP_OneHost|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_Onehost_System|ind|ind|ind|ind|onehost|0|NW_CreateDBandLoad|ind|ind|ind|ind|createdbandload|0|NW_CreateDB|ind|ind|ind|ind|createdb|0|NW_SYB_DB|ind|ind|ind|ind|SYB_DB_CONTEXT|0|syb_step_setup_backup_server was executed with status ERROR (Last error reported by the step: System call failed. DETAILS: Error 2 (0x00000002) (The system cannot find the file specified.) in execution of system call 'CreateProcess' with parameter (NULL, <command line for executable wmic, NULL, NULL, TRUE, 0x420, NULL, NULL, ⋆tupInfo, ⪻ocessInfo), line (547) in file (\bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/syslib/process/synxcchapp.cpp), stack trace: CThrThread.cpp: 85: CThrThread::threadFunction()
CSiServiceSet.cpp: 63: CSiServiceSet::executeService()
CSiStepExecute.cpp: 915: CSiStepExecute::execute()
EJSController.cpp: 187: EJSControllerImpl::executeScript()
JSExtension.hpp: 1136: CallFunctionBase::call()
iaxxcprocess.cpp: 120: iastring CIaOsProcessConnect::callMemberFunction(iastring const& name, args_t const& args)
iaxxcprocess.cpp: 1346: iastring CIaOsProcessConnect::start(args_t const& _args)
iaxxbprocess.cpp: 416: CIaOsProcess::start_impl()
synxcchapp.cpp: 239: CSyChildApplicationImpl::start(false)
synxcchapp.cpp: 257: CSyChildApplicationImpl::doStart()

Also i have attached sapinst & sapinst_dev log files for more information. Kindly  help me to resolve the same.


capture.png (56.8 kB)
sapinst-dev.txt (43.7 kB)
sapinst.txt (61.7 kB)