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Sep 06, 2021 at 05:57 PM

#COE#DE01 - Resource Planner removing staffed resource when time has been submitted on project


We have the following scenario

A customer project was set-up, Resources were planned and resourced via the Advance Resource Management (1KC) app. The project billing was set-up as well. The project was put into "In Execution" and the resource submitted time via Manage My Timesheet. A month later the resource was deleted off the project via the Advanced Resource Management App, the role and resource removed on the project and the project billing was set to $0.01.

The time that was submitted by the resource was never deleted.

This has impacted the financials of the project.

What would be the best way to prevent a resource planner deleting a resource assignment within the Advanced Resource Planning App if time has already been submitted on the project.

Your assistance would be appreciated