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Sep 06 at 12:05 AM

Screen personas and Business Client 7.7 issue with pop-up box


Hi, We are upgrading to business client 7.7 and have some issues with screen personas. Questions -

1) Is blue crystal still the right theme to use? The business client roadmap shows blue crystal only valid to 6.5, however note indicates to continue with blue crystal (at least this is how I read it).

2) Issue - We have a custom tcode ZMI31 that pops up the list of plants for user to select on entry into the tcode i.e. before the MI31 selection screen .

We've created a screen personas launchpad has transaction buttons related to stocktake. One transaction button calls the custom tcode ZMI31. User clicks on button, it calls ZMI31 and stops at the pop-up plant list. User selects plant and pressed enter to continue. There is no script. Prior to business client 7.7 this worked.

However, with business client 7.7, the pop-up plant box does not display plant values, the box appears empty, only the tick to 'enter' is displayed. If I click away from this tab and come back, the plant values are populated. The next time I click on the button to call ZMI31, the plant values are populated. However, after each logon it reverts to empty again.

If I call the ZMI31 directly i.e. not via screen personas the popup box plant values are populated so appears to be personas issue.

I have tried belize and quartz themes but issue remains.

Appreciate any advice you can provide.