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Sep 03 at 06:43 AM

Process Order Cockpit with multiple production POs running at the same time.


Our facility uses PO_PRCS or Process Order Cockpit to print SU's for each individual pallet of produced directly from the line. The issue we are running into is that we can have upwards of five or more POs running at one time, and we are running into multiple occurrences where the operators are putting the pallet tag (SU barcode and batch info) on the wrong pallet.

Obviously employee coaching is occurring, but the old system we used had a verification process to make sure that the batch barcode on the product matched the batch info on the printed pallet tag. Going from a decent verification process to none at all is causing some inventory issues.

Longwinded explanation to get to my question, is there a way to enable a verification process? Or a way to have the current batch to the PO not to automatically be populated but require an entry for every tag creation? Or even a better way to print pallet tags than PO_PRCS?

First post, so sorry if it doesn't make sense, or in the wrong catagory.