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Sep 02 at 09:07 AM

Services no longer connecting after deploying HTML5 Application


I'm building a UI5 App which is deployed via Cloud Foundry. I'm able to deploy and open the app without issue, however, my Services no longer connect once it's deployed.

When I preview the application via BAS the services work fine, I'm able to consume the OData via said Services and display it, everything looks good. I can see the Services in the Service Center in BAS, green light, all is go.

These services are provided via a Cloud Connector (if that matters?).

Something changes after deploying. Presumably there is some configuration I've missed somewhere?

All the tutorials I've found are either just about deploying or just about consuming services but never both together. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been walking in circles on this one for a few days now.

Thanks for your time :)