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Sep 05 at 01:27 PM

Popup before auto logout after idle time rdisp/gui_auto_logout - SAP ECC


Before triggering auto logged out after idle time, system need to display an warning popup message about this idle time in the user screen.

Ex: if the idle time auto logout is set to 10 minutes, ( rdisp/gui_auto_logout is set to 10 minutes ), then 1 or 2 minutes before, system has to trigger a warning popup message in the user screen with the details about the idle time. Basically a notification before auto logout.

System : ECC, S4HAHA.

Following cases.

1) ECC SAP GUI Screens

2) SAP Web GUI

3) Fiori Screen

Above cases, system has to show the message to user.

Please advise how to achieve it.

Thank You.

Karthik S