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Aug 26 at 07:18 PM

Screen Personas: Screen Change With Back/Save Button Isn't Reflected - Visually Nothing Happens



Not sure how to state this exactly and I couldn't find any documentation, so I thought I would ask here.

I'm developing a flavor for IW32, and running into an issue where the screen change isn't reflected visually (looks like nothing happens).

The first screen where you enter the order number is '0101'. Once you're in the transaction, that's screen '3000'. My script is automating the press of either the 'Back' button or the 'Save' button. Thus, the screen should leave the current order, and go back to '0101'.

The problem is that it looks like nothing happens (as if it's still on 3000). However, I can tell that it switched to '0101' in the background, because if I try to interact with the buttons on the screen again, an error is thrown referencing the control not being available and I have to click 'Redraw Screen'.

So functionally, it seems like the script is working, but visually the change isn't reflected, which is just as much of a problem.

Version: 3.11.20210212095101
Kernel 773_REL Patch 714

Any ideas would be great, thanks!