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Aug 27, 2021 at 02:42 PM

Empty Export Definition in Open Channel

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Hello, experts!

Peale help to find solution.

We have request not use Export Definitions in Open Channel.

Users doesn't want choose Export Definition in UI Operations in Campaign.

Export definition NULL in UI give us empty payload.

How we can to exclude it via BAdi?
Scenario: Everytime when enduser create campaign with OC Operation he must to enter Export definition.

If Export Definition is empty the Payload is empty too
Like this

Our end users think that choice everytime Export Definition isn't very comfortably.
We know how to check empty Export Definition and display error for users.
But we agree with endusers. Define Export Definition every time not necessary. We want help end users end add Export Definition via badi on ABAP level.
Is it possible?


May I ask you to check our ABAP (3)?

    READ TABLE header_attributes ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<fs_field>)
      WITH KEY param_name = 'EXPORT_DEFINITION'.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0 .
      <fs_field>-param_value = '27'.

UPD2: we think that main problem in (4) Open Channel: Enhance Payload for Data Transfer. Because

target_group_member_data is empty, that why Payload is empty too.

We missed something.
Do you have any notice for as?

Thanks and BR