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Aug 27 at 07:18 AM

Process for fixing GR/IR imbalances

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Hi All,

I have a quick question in regards to the WM/MM responsibility with the GR/IR imbalances. Question will be posted below.


I'm the store person for my company and the current process for fixing the GR/IR imbalances (price variance, qty variance) requires me to unGR/GR reverse the GRN (material document). This causes a lot of issues when it comes to parts that are bought to inventory/stock, especially if these parts have already been consumed by a project.

We hold an 1 hour meeting a week to go through the GR/IR imbalance spreadsheet and have found this to be consuming a lot of my time and I cannot justify why I (store person) am involved in this process.

Note: previous Fiscal year GR/IR are still required to be amended by warehouse/store person

Example of current process to fixing GR/IR imbalances for PRICE VARIANCE ISSUES:

(GR of parts > IR of parts) > Run GR/IR report > Look at differences > send request to AP to unIR > send request to warehouse/stores person to unGR > warehouse/stores person unGR (bring parts back into stores using MB1A if already consumed) > send request to procurement/ordering team to amend pricing > procurement/ordering team amends item price > send request to warehouse/store person to reGR > warehouse/store person reGR (MB1A to consume parts, if previously consumed) > send request to AP to reIR.

Question: What is everyone else's processes? Is this the correct process for fixing GR/IR imbalances? Are these imbalances meant to involve warehouse/store person to unGR/reGR?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Tash Boudville