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Aug 27, 2021 at 04:29 PM

Use inspection point for in-process inspection with serial number



I am looking for a solution to manage in-process inspection of serialized material.

I noticed that in recent S/4 HANA release (1809, I guess) a new inspection point type was created for serial number.

I set up the material as serialized and made QM set up similar that if I am inspecting individual serial number and set up the routing header with inspection point = 320 (std customizing with inspection point type = 4)

Inspection lot is correctly generated but I can not generate inspection point and get following message :

- "Inspection point type for serialized materials (4) not supported Message no. QT105"

Is there any limitation for use of inspection point type = 4 ?

Is there any additional set up to perform ?

Many thanks for your inputs.